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We are a group of friends and neighbours in South Hereford who share a Ford B-Max car based in Belmont, and through our sister club St James and Bartonsham Car Club, another five cars based around St James. Come and join us!

Why join a Car Club?

With the increasing cost of living, owning and running a car can be expensive. Depending on how often you need to drive, the Car Club might work out much cheaper than running your own car:
  • There is no purchase cost
  • The running costs (insurance and repair) are shared
  • Pay-as-you-go: avoid car-related debt
  • Not for profit: the car club is run by volunteers to keep prices as low as possible

How does the Car Club work?

  • You pay an initial fee of £20 to join the Car Club. You then pay a monthly membership fee (currently £6), which also covers any other members that live with you.
  • You book the car for the time you require, using our online booking system.
  • Before you set off, write down the time and date and initial mileage reading on the car logsheet (in a folder in the glove compartment)
  • If you need to buy fuel, just write your name on the receipt, and pop it in the logsheet folder.
  • When you return the car, write down the time, date and final mileage reading on the logsheet.
  • At the end of the month you will get an itemized bill. The bill is calculated based on the length of time that you used the car and the mileage. If you paid for fuel, this is taken off the bill.
The Car Club runs on volunteer effort. We might ask if you can help out in some way: for example cleaning the car, becoming a car keeper, or helping to run the Club.

Who can join?

To be eligible to join the Car Club and drive the car, you will need:
  • to be 25 or over
  • to have a current full UK driving licence. Learner drivers are not covered by our insurance.
If you are over 72 years of age, there will be an increased excess under the terms of our insurance policy; please ask for more details. We have to perform an annual licence check for our insurers, and you will need to tell us about any past accidents, insurance claims or convictions.

Our car

The B-Max is a spacious and comfortable car.
The car is checked monthly, and regularly serviced. It is comprehensively insured (with a £250 excess), including full breakdown cover.


The cost of using the car depends on how long you need the car for, and how far you go.

Hourly charges

Hourly rate Hours used £
First 4 hours: £1.60 per hour 1 £1.60
2 £3.20
3 £4.80
4 £6.40
5th hour to 8th hour: £0.85 per hour 5 £7.25
6 £8.10
7 £8.95
8 £9.80
9th hour to 24th hour: £0.35 per hour 9 £10.15
10 £10.50
11 £10.85
12 £11.20
18 £13.30
24 £15.40
These charges repeat every 24 hours.

Mileage charge

The mileage charge covers fuel and other costs. At the moment this is £0.24 per mile, although this may change if fuel prices change.

Example journeys

To give you an idea, here are some examples of typical journeys. Remember, these include fuel, which is covered by the mileage charge:
Journey Time (hours) Distance (miles) Cost
Going to the garden centre 2 7 £4.88
A day out in the Black Mountains 8 55 £23.00
A weekend in Oxford 48 160 £69.20
A week's holiday in Cornwall 7 days 500 £227.80

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